Press Release

April 2nd, 2023

InvisOutlet Pro: The Ultimate Smart Outlet That Transforms Your Home Into A Smart Haven

Discover the revolutionary in-wall smart outlet that automates your home with ease and style


Are you tired of having a cluttered home with sensors and devices everywhere? Say hello to the InvisOutlet Pro by Intecular – a revolutionary smart outlet designed to automate your home without the mess. This all-in-one, in-wall smart outlet features a plethora of built-in sensors that turn your house into a smart home effortlessly, increasing its value and unlocking its full potential.

InvisOutlet Pro: The Smart Home Game-Changer

The InvisOutlet Pro is a groundbreaking in-wall smart outlet that fits seamlessly inside your wall, just like a typical outlet. With its sleek design and multiple sensors on the cover plate, it eliminates the need for cluttered sensors, providing a clean and efficient way to upgrade your home's intelligence.

One Outlet, Endless Possibilities

InvisOutlet Pro boasts an array of features, including:

Air Quality Monitoring: Breathe easy with real-time air quality feedback to ensure a healthier living environment.

Presence Detection: Experience convenience with automatic light control and intruder alerts based on motion detection.

Dimmable Nightlight: Enjoy an adaptive nightlight that guides your every step and promotes better sleep.

WiFi & BLE Connectivity: Connect seamlessly to your devices with fast response times and no need for a hub or battery.

Smart Sensors for a Smarter Home

This powerful two dual-core smart outlet integrates all the essential sensors for a modern home. Simply plug and play – InvisOutlet Pro comes with a list of preset scene automations that run independently without the cloud.

Save Money, Sleep Better, and Stay Safe

With InvisOutlet Pro's built-in sensors, you'll enjoy real-time light adjustments, temperature tracking, and instant phone alerts. This not only helps you save on your electricity bill but also ensures a better night's sleep and increased security for your home.

Upgrade Your Home with InvisOutlet Pro

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your home with the InvisOutlet Pro by Intecular. Experience the ultimate smart outlet that automates your home and increases its value with a simple, clean, and efficient design. Embrace the future of smart living with InvisOutlet Pro – the all-in-one solution for a truly intelligent home.

To learn more about how to get InvisOutlet, visit the live crowdfunding page at Indiegogo.