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Bed with InvisOutlet
Tailored Experience

Where Every Stay Feels Like Home

Step into a world of tailored comfort and personalized experiences with InvisOutlet. From the moment they enter the room, InvisOutlet intuitively adapts the ambiance, lighting, and even the temperature and humidity to match their preferences, making them feel right at home.

Peaceful Nights

Enhance Guest Comfort

Welcome your guests to a truly peaceful experience with our thoughtful addition of dimmable nightlights. As the night falls, they'll find a comforting ambiance that promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation, perfect for a restful sleep. No more fumbling in the dark when nature calls, as our nightlights will guide their way to the restroom, ensuring safety and convenience at all hours.

Revolutionizing Hospitality

A Hotel Upgrade Like Never Before

Experience an unparalleled hotel upgrade like never before! Our innovative technology automatically lights up hallways as guests walk by, providing a seamless and welcoming ambiance. You can also set the brightness level to your preference throughout the day, ensuring the perfect atmosphere for every moment. Elevate your guests' stay with these cutting-edge features that redefine hospitality and comfort.

Hotel Management

The All-In-One Dashboard

Our cutting-edge proprietary management software empowers you with instant access to your building's current status, ensuring seamless and efficient cleaning and management processes. Stay in control with real-time updates and energy warning alerts, allowing you to proactively save on your building's electric bill like never before. With our user-friendly interface and comprehensive data insights, managing your building has never been more effortless and effective.


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