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Simplify Your Payroll Processing with Our Black +

Say goodbye to manual payroll calculations and costly processing fees with our revolutionary app. Our app automatically calculates each employee's pay based on their recorded work hours and hourly rate, making payroll processing a breeze.

Black+ Webflow Template
Black+ Webflow Template
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Stay on Top of Employee Time Tracking with Black+

Our app offers cutting-edge time tracking features to help you stay on top of your employees' work hours. Track time with ease, record breaks, and ensure accurate timekeeping with our easy-to-use app.

Air Quality Monitoring

Advanced Air Quality Sensor

InvisOutlet integrates high-end German-made sensors to measure indoor air quality accurately, accessing a wealth of information about the air you breathe.

Air Quality Sensor

Breathe Healthily

InvisOutlet takes care of your air quality by automatically turning the air purifier on and off based on what it detects, keeping the air you breathe healthy all the time.

Air Purifier with InvisOutlet

Reminds You to Open The Window

Stay energized with InvisOutlet's real-time tracking of CO2 levels and VOC ppm, providing timely air-refresh reminders.

Open the window

Effortlessly Adjust Your Room's Temperature

InvisOutlet actively monitors each room's temperature, intelligently adjusting your smart thermostats, fans, and heaters based on readings from all areas of the house.

Room with thermostat

Keep Track of Your House's Humidity Level

Monitor room humidity on your phone anytime with InvisOutlet for optimal comfort.

iPhone Home app with humidity level
Occupancy Detection

mmWave Occupancy Sensor

Thanks to the latest mmWave radar technology, the InvisOutlet can detect your presence in the room, even when you're sitting still at your desk.

mmWave occupancy sensor

Saves Energy When You're Away

Save energy effortlessly with InvisOutlet's smart presence detection feature, automatically turning off appliances when you're not in the room or away from home.

Living room with occupancy detection

Receive Instant Alerts

Gain peace of mind with instant alerts for triggered occupancy while you're away from home.

iPhone with occupancy detected notificaiton


Customize all features to your preference with InvisOutlet's unparalleled flexibility.

Intruders Alert

Scares intruders away and sends you instant notification when you're not at home.

Adaptive lighting

InvisOutlet measures the current ambient brightness every 200ms and adjusts the nightlight and room brightness automatically.

Historical data tracking

Thanks to the out-of-the-box MQTT support, InvisOutlet can be easily paired with your favorite ecosystems like Home Assistant.


The ultimate companion app with InvisOutlet.

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